Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 25 of Juice Feast, Mean Green Juice and Master Cleanse

Day 25, I am so amazed that I am doing so well. By that I mean that I'm not craving foods and out of my mind with hunger. I am a little bummed because I have stabilized at 13lbs. I have decide to do just the Mean Green Juice from "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." If you haven't seen the film yet you can check it out on Hulu or YouTube for FREE! It's a very inspirational documentary. I had some of the juice today but added stevia and really enjoyed it. I was doing way to much fruit in my other juices but, I think that also helped me to get to this point.
 I am also considering doing the master cleanse recipe every other day with the green juice. I made up a batch today and really liked it. Lemons are very detoxifying and aid in flushing toxins out. With the master cleanse you're also supposed to do a salt flush with Celtic sea salt for the minerals and to aid in elimination of the bowels. It is also recommended to do a laxative herbal tea at night for the same reason. Beyonce made it more well known when she did it, but it's been around since the seventies.
My enema update, I have been doing them everyday. I watched a ton of videos on YouTube and decided to just do it. My headaches have gone away completely and my energy has really improved. I am so happy that I got over myself and just did it. Ten years ago I would have thought it was lame and stupid but, with the more research I do into health and healing disease, it is really important. I will some day do a colonic but for now, I have to do it from home.
It is funny how we change as we get older and start to realize our health is paramount. Things we do when we are younger are so harmful to our aging bodies and we don't realize till it's too late. So have a green juice today and ENJOY!!!

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