Monday, September 10, 2012

Day Eight and Doing Great

Wonderful day eight! I was having a little trouble yesterday because I had to cook for my Dh and son. I cooked last Sunday and made enough for the week breakfast, lunches and dinners. So yesterday I had to do it again and the whole house smelled like yummy meatloaf. Ugh! I'm better today.
I juiced a half a watermelon from my garden yesterday before bed.
 It was an heirloom yellow watermelon.  Don't you just love the green color. I like the juice really cold and wanted it for the morning. The rest of the day will be V8's and maybe I might try that fruit lemonade I mentioned in another post. If you don't remember here is the recipe.
Fruit Lemonade:
3 Lemons or Limes peeled
1 Pineapple skin removed
3 Pears
1 Zucchini
water and stevia to taste.
With the whole lemons I like to dilute it a bit just like lemonade. Also it's better for the teeth if it's diluted. I have been brushing more and will be drinking more water. The first recipe was apples but, I have pears to use up and I may substitute limes for the lemons. I'm still doing the fish oil and coconut oil. I do the coconut if I'm going to be out for awhile because it helps with hunger. I usually do 1 tsp to a tablespoon. My detox symptoms are much better and I have more energy. I haven't re-checked my weight yet, I may wait a couple days. After my juice feast is over I will continue to do green juices daily. ENJOY!!!

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