Thursday, September 6, 2012

The juicer I use

This is my fourth day juice feasting and it has gone fast. I've been busy which is good because it keeps my mind off of what I'm not eating. For my birthday recently I bought and Omega Vrt 350 HD with all of the cash I got.
It took me a really long time to decide on a new juicer. I have a ten year old Omega 8002 and it has served me well. But, I wanted something with a little but bigger shoot and that could handle more produce at a time.
If your thinking about a juicer, masticating juicers are the best. They grind and press the food at slower RPM's. This helps the juice stay fresh longer and doesn't oxidize the nutrients when juicing. The Omega Vrt does 80 RPM's, most all of the centrifugal juicers do 1,200 to 13,000. I have to warn there is a learning curve with masticating juicers and highly recommend watching videos on You tube before purchasing and using one. I really like this guy that does videos on juicers,  John from rawfoods. He also does growyourgreens. He makes excellent points about juicers and does "juice offs" to compare juicers yields and foam etc. He has a company that sells juicers, dehydrators etc. He also is a raw foodie and knows the merchandise he sells.
I was watching some videos and people were talking about watermelon juice and how it helps to cleanse your body. So, since it's the summer and they're cheap I picked up a 12 pound one at the health food store for about $6.00.
 I juiced half of it, seeds, rind and all and it made a little over three quarts of juice.
 I will juice the other half later. The Omega does shoot out some pulp and most of the time I strain my juice, but this time I left it in to help me feel fuller. I added a little stevia to sweeten it up. This is the kind I like it doesn't have any after taste.
Before juicing a watermelon chill it for several hours, it's much more enjoyable and refreshing. Also since your doing the whole watermelon only get organic. Wash the watermelon with a fruit spray and rinse well. Then juice to your hearts content. I have heard some people say you shouldn't have more than a quart a day, then there are some that do this for 3 days. I think if your doing fine drink more. The instructions on the Omega state you can store juice for 72 hrs because of the low RPM's. Most people state to consume it immediately. Enjoy!!!

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