Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 11? 2nd Juice Feast

My question mark is because I fell off just juicing a total of three times so far. I know it's only day eleven.  Should I stop or keep going??? KEEP going!!! On those days I had juiced the whole day then ate a dinner. One day we were going to the mountains to do probably our last hike for the winter and I knew I would have to eat. Hum, eat or skip hiking? Eat of course. I love being in the mountains and wouldn't give it up just to juice. I am trying to heal some issue with the juicing but, have had limited opportunity to hike in the last couple years. Now that my boy is 3 1/2 he is wants to go most of the time and he loved the hikes we did. I've told my DH this but, don't know if I have mentioned this in a post before. I feel like when I eat I have to consume so much more to satisfy my hunger and I think it's because unless it's raw I'm not getting as much nutrition. The juice has so many nutrients and I drink 1-2 cups each time I feel hungry. This juice feast I am drinking a lot less than I needed the first time. But, I want to just keep eating when I start to. I was down eight pounds but will have to see over the next day or so after my colon empties again etc. Also since it's getting so cold now I have noticed when I eat I am fine with body heat. With just the juicing I tend to be really cold all of the time, especially at night. When the food is in my body and being digested it really takes a lot of energy and creates more heat. The juice just passes through me quickly, it keeps me energized but no heat really.

All of that to say, I'm still going and I'm just going to keep my numbers instead of starting them again. I'll probably take Thanksgiving off from the juice feast also. But, I had decided it was better to start the feast now instead of waiting till after the holidays. In the past I have always done that. Well, I'll just wait and start on this day or that day. A lot of the time those days never came. The time is now and it doesn't have to be perfect!!!!!! If I blow the day, I just don't give up, that only makes me feel defeated and I am not defeated! I never have to stay where I am. I can always take the day to improve myself and my health. ENJOY!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day Seven of Juice Feast 2

I am doing great with this second juice feast, now. I had a set back on day four and ate a goulash I was making for my family. It smelled so good I caved and really regretted it. My stomach swelled out 3 inches and I felt terrible for hours. I am now back on track, yeah! I have lost seven pounds so far and am very happy with the results. I am sticking to the Mean Green Juice and will supplement with the Master Cleanse when I get bored with the green juice. I have been doing some herbal teas and of course my homemade Kombucha with stevia. I love the homemade version but have read that you shouldn't consume a lot in a day. It has organic acids and is very cleansing and can, if consumed too much and too often cause acidosis.

 I will be ordering some Reishi mushroom and bentonite clay and maybe some ziolite clay. I want to start including more in my diet that will boost my immunity and remove more toxins. I want to try and "find" some Chaga this weekend if I can in the mountains. This will be a new adventure for me as I have never done it before. We are going "wild edible" hunting. I've been reading a book on wild edibles and going through YouTube videos on them. I am so intrigued by the idea of foraging for food. The season is almost gone to do much but we are going to try. I'm going to be ordering a book on mushrooms so I can start learning about the medicinal properties etc. Everything we need to heal and be healthy is already here if we don't contaminate it and destroy it through industry.

I'm feeling really good and have had a huge boost in energy. No headaches as of yet. ;) I broke out a little with acne on my face and am having more body odor otherwise, no complaints.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starting My Second Juice Feast

I have been kinda desperate to start another juice feast. Why you may ask? I felt so much better aside from the detox symptoms of course. I am hoping this time around I won't have so many. I lasted about two weeks off the last juice feast. I am ready to start again though. I really got used to the feeling of being pretty much empty all of the time when juicing. I should say empty but not hungry, there is a difference. I was satisfied as far as hunger went. It does amaze me that juice will fill me up and I don't feel like I'm starving. When I was off the juice feast it felt like I couldn't get enough food and I felt so bloated, slow and tired. I was even too pooped to blog. I also had heart burn here and there which I hate. That's why I decided to start back up. I think the nutrients in the juice really helped me heal a lot and detox, but I have a long way to go. I had lost 17 lbs total and gained back 7 which is pretty normal since your colon starts to fill up and you get bloated by certain foods etc. I was so constipated too, no matter what I ate and my face broke out everywhere. During the juice feast you're of course raw and aren't taking in any processed foods. After I was off the feast I wasn't satisfied with how food tasted anymore. I was hoping I guess it would taste so much better but found myself disappointed for the most part. My husband has changed his diet and has noticed the change in how food taste. Once you get away from the chemicals in processed foods you really notice them if you have them again.

Like the first time, I'm not setting a specific number of days that I will do. I have completed my first day and did the mean green juice that I had done before. I added in parsley and zucchini to the basic juice recipe. The only other thing I drank was herbal lemon teas and Kombucha tea. I started making my own kombucha tea at home and am very addicted to it. It has so many probiotics and is supposed to be very healing for the colon. The acids in the kombucha are also supposed to be very cleansing.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Juice Feast is Completed

The Juice Feast is done!!! I did thirty one days total. I am so proud of myself and am glad I can eat again. But, I am kinda sad and miss juicing every meal. I got into such a groove with the juicing it became easy and somewhat relaxing.
I have a strong feeling about maybe eating for a week or so and then starting another one. I think I can start it all over again once I get some cravings out of the way. 
 In total I lost seventeen pounds but I am expecting to gain a little back with my colon having more in it now. I did fruit to start to break the fast then greens and veggies raw. I get much fuller a lot faster now but also expected that. I don't really eat out anywhere and the juicing was convenient because if I was going to be gone I would have a cooler with me or just accepted that I would be hungry.
During such a long feast you start to appreciate the emptier feeling. I never thought that was ever going to be possible. I had heard people say that about feasting but always thought it would never happen for me. I am going to try and eat a lot of raw foods but the winter is coming on and I have been much colder with the raw foods. I used to be warm all of the time and need a fan to cool me down and now I'm the opposite. I did miss warm foods when juicing and the days are getting cooler.
I have eaten some things I desired when on the fast but, they're not as satisfying as they once were. I have found that to be true with many foods since I've altered my diet so drastically. I once ate and enjoyed most things. Now, really any type of processed food just tastes chemically tasting to me. My sense of smell and taste is so heightened now that sometimes even food smells are turn me off. I also feel so much more bloated now that I'm eating again and really don't like the feeling. So I'll give it a little time and see how I do. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yesterday was day 30 Juice Feasting

Yesterday was day 30 and I missed posting on it. The day just got away from me. So the tally is 30 days and seventeen pounds lost. I was hoping for more but I'll take it.
So here is an update, I haven't had any headaches for awhile, I have been tired here and there but yesterday I felt amazing. I have been doing the salt water flushes almost daily. It takes about two hours for it to work through you so if I have to go fast in the morning I skip it. I've only skipped one. I add a little lime or lemon juice and stevia to make it more palatable. I have been doing the nightly herbal tea laxative and really like it. Yesterday was a full day on the master cleanse, today I'll probably do the green drink and some master cleanse. Doing the mix makes it a little cheaper and easier since I don't have to juice each meal.
I tried on a pair of pants that were one size down from what I am wearing and they fit. I think I'll check out some thrift store for my next size because I plan on continuing the detox for awhile longer. I made a delicious dinner for my dh and set a portion aside for myself to freeze for after the cleanse. It smelled so good.
I keep having break outs on my face hear and there but they have been small and my face looks really good. I can see how the green drinks have really helped. My wrinkles have diminished a lot. Funny how our stress and food choices start to show up on our faces. Enjoy the day!!!