Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yesterday was day 30 Juice Feasting

Yesterday was day 30 and I missed posting on it. The day just got away from me. So the tally is 30 days and seventeen pounds lost. I was hoping for more but I'll take it.
So here is an update, I haven't had any headaches for awhile, I have been tired here and there but yesterday I felt amazing. I have been doing the salt water flushes almost daily. It takes about two hours for it to work through you so if I have to go fast in the morning I skip it. I've only skipped one. I add a little lime or lemon juice and stevia to make it more palatable. I have been doing the nightly herbal tea laxative and really like it. Yesterday was a full day on the master cleanse, today I'll probably do the green drink and some master cleanse. Doing the mix makes it a little cheaper and easier since I don't have to juice each meal.
I tried on a pair of pants that were one size down from what I am wearing and they fit. I think I'll check out some thrift store for my next size because I plan on continuing the detox for awhile longer. I made a delicious dinner for my dh and set a portion aside for myself to freeze for after the cleanse. It smelled so good.
I keep having break outs on my face hear and there but they have been small and my face looks really good. I can see how the green drinks have really helped. My wrinkles have diminished a lot. Funny how our stress and food choices start to show up on our faces. Enjoy the day!!!

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