Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Juice Feast is Completed

The Juice Feast is done!!! I did thirty one days total. I am so proud of myself and am glad I can eat again. But, I am kinda sad and miss juicing every meal. I got into such a groove with the juicing it became easy and somewhat relaxing.
I have a strong feeling about maybe eating for a week or so and then starting another one. I think I can start it all over again once I get some cravings out of the way. 
 In total I lost seventeen pounds but I am expecting to gain a little back with my colon having more in it now. I did fruit to start to break the fast then greens and veggies raw. I get much fuller a lot faster now but also expected that. I don't really eat out anywhere and the juicing was convenient because if I was going to be gone I would have a cooler with me or just accepted that I would be hungry.
During such a long feast you start to appreciate the emptier feeling. I never thought that was ever going to be possible. I had heard people say that about feasting but always thought it would never happen for me. I am going to try and eat a lot of raw foods but the winter is coming on and I have been much colder with the raw foods. I used to be warm all of the time and need a fan to cool me down and now I'm the opposite. I did miss warm foods when juicing and the days are getting cooler.
I have eaten some things I desired when on the fast but, they're not as satisfying as they once were. I have found that to be true with many foods since I've altered my diet so drastically. I once ate and enjoyed most things. Now, really any type of processed food just tastes chemically tasting to me. My sense of smell and taste is so heightened now that sometimes even food smells are turn me off. I also feel so much more bloated now that I'm eating again and really don't like the feeling. So I'll give it a little time and see how I do. Enjoy!!!

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