Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 11? 2nd Juice Feast

My question mark is because I fell off just juicing a total of three times so far. I know it's only day eleven.  Should I stop or keep going??? KEEP going!!! On those days I had juiced the whole day then ate a dinner. One day we were going to the mountains to do probably our last hike for the winter and I knew I would have to eat. Hum, eat or skip hiking? Eat of course. I love being in the mountains and wouldn't give it up just to juice. I am trying to heal some issue with the juicing but, have had limited opportunity to hike in the last couple years. Now that my boy is 3 1/2 he is wants to go most of the time and he loved the hikes we did. I've told my DH this but, don't know if I have mentioned this in a post before. I feel like when I eat I have to consume so much more to satisfy my hunger and I think it's because unless it's raw I'm not getting as much nutrition. The juice has so many nutrients and I drink 1-2 cups each time I feel hungry. This juice feast I am drinking a lot less than I needed the first time. But, I want to just keep eating when I start to. I was down eight pounds but will have to see over the next day or so after my colon empties again etc. Also since it's getting so cold now I have noticed when I eat I am fine with body heat. With just the juicing I tend to be really cold all of the time, especially at night. When the food is in my body and being digested it really takes a lot of energy and creates more heat. The juice just passes through me quickly, it keeps me energized but no heat really.

All of that to say, I'm still going and I'm just going to keep my numbers instead of starting them again. I'll probably take Thanksgiving off from the juice feast also. But, I had decided it was better to start the feast now instead of waiting till after the holidays. In the past I have always done that. Well, I'll just wait and start on this day or that day. A lot of the time those days never came. The time is now and it doesn't have to be perfect!!!!!! If I blow the day, I just don't give up, that only makes me feel defeated and I am not defeated! I never have to stay where I am. I can always take the day to improve myself and my health. ENJOY!!!

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