Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clearing the Slate

I have had some major distractions this last couple weeks and have veered of course. So I have set a new goal and firmed up my intent. I have been juice feasting solely for 4 days. I feel so good and have lost everything I had gained back after I quit the long juice feast before except 2 lbs. It dropped off so fast I was shocked. But, I could feel that extra weight so much more keenly than I had ever before. You know how you can gain 5 lbs and not know it? Well I felt it very strongly in my movements and abilities.

This coming week I know will be challenging because we lost a family member yesterday and will start having family come into town. I am going to try and avoid telling people what I'm doing. Most of the time it just starts a debate and unless you educate yourself on detoxing and why, most people don't understand it. As I continue to lose weight and feel better people will naturally ask questions and I sometimes will go into detoxing info with them. I do have a passion for this stuff lately and tend to pour out my guts which sometimes freaks people out. Too much information overload for them. So one of the things I do to keep motivated is watch other peoples juice feasting videos to keep me excited about what I am doing. Everyone knows if you do it alone it is harder and watching the videos makes me feel like other people are doing it with me.

So, I am on my way again and know if I can get through the first week I am usually Gold. My energy is up really high and I feel excited and happy which is a big thing for me, especially in the winter months. I tend to have a seasonal mood disorder, that took me years to realize, go figure. I have been doing the mean, green juice and master cleanse intermixed and it's been working great. If I don't have the time to do the green juice the master cleanse only takes of few minutes to make. I have added in some homemade Kombucha again but, a quart or less a day. I have also started learning about bentonite clay and have added in a teaspoon in the morning. It has seemed to help with the headaches and detox symptoms. I'll try to update more often for here on in because it also keeps me motivated. Enjoy the day!!!