Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starting My Second Juice Feast

I have been kinda desperate to start another juice feast. Why you may ask? I felt so much better aside from the detox symptoms of course. I am hoping this time around I won't have so many. I lasted about two weeks off the last juice feast. I am ready to start again though. I really got used to the feeling of being pretty much empty all of the time when juicing. I should say empty but not hungry, there is a difference. I was satisfied as far as hunger went. It does amaze me that juice will fill me up and I don't feel like I'm starving. When I was off the juice feast it felt like I couldn't get enough food and I felt so bloated, slow and tired. I was even too pooped to blog. I also had heart burn here and there which I hate. That's why I decided to start back up. I think the nutrients in the juice really helped me heal a lot and detox, but I have a long way to go. I had lost 17 lbs total and gained back 7 which is pretty normal since your colon starts to fill up and you get bloated by certain foods etc. I was so constipated too, no matter what I ate and my face broke out everywhere. During the juice feast you're of course raw and aren't taking in any processed foods. After I was off the feast I wasn't satisfied with how food tasted anymore. I was hoping I guess it would taste so much better but found myself disappointed for the most part. My husband has changed his diet and has noticed the change in how food taste. Once you get away from the chemicals in processed foods you really notice them if you have them again.

Like the first time, I'm not setting a specific number of days that I will do. I have completed my first day and did the mean green juice that I had done before. I added in parsley and zucchini to the basic juice recipe. The only other thing I drank was herbal lemon teas and Kombucha tea. I started making my own kombucha tea at home and am very addicted to it. It has so many probiotics and is supposed to be very healing for the colon. The acids in the kombucha are also supposed to be very cleansing.

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