Thursday, September 6, 2012

About me

I've decided to start this blog and document my road to more living foods. Juice feasts are pretty common when people do raw food diets.  I'm not a raw foodist but have been really researching and looking into where my food comes from and what's in it. Believe me when I say everyone should really be concerned with what is allowed in our food and what is being done to our food. I will cover some of these topics in later posts.
So I have decided to start a juice feast. I've done one before for about 6 days then decided to stop. I really don't want to put a number to how many days I want to do this. Is that a cop out? Maybe, but I find when I do things in concrete terms I deceive myself and feel horrible when I fail. Anyway, people do three days to one hundred days on a juice feast. I am not looking forward to my detox symptoms, but know they're common even in people that eat really clean, raw diets. The last juice feast I did really helped break me off sugar addictions and grains. I have indulged in both of them since but only about once or twice a month, can you guess at what time of month??? They really have lost their hold on me and I feel much better. But, I still have some lagging health issues and want to really boost my energy. I'll also get into my reasons on a later post. For now I will list a couple fruits and veggies I use in my base juices.
Base Juice:
1. Cucumber
2. Zucchini
3. Carrot
4. Apple
5. Greens
Now, I rotate my greens when I can to prevent a lot of oxalic acid build up that can cause kidney stones. I have to say I really like kale a lot though and grow it, so if it's all I have that is what I use.  I also never thought I would ever be a person that says "I like kale." I'm on the tail end of the gardening season so I think this will be a great time to use up what I have before the season ends. I also grow swiss chard, parsley, pac choy which is like bok choy. I sometimes do just one item all the way up to maybe ten things in a juice. I have been supplementing with a tablespoon of extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil and Omega Swirl Pina colada omega 3's which is awesome. I am thinking about some other supplements, but for now that's where I am. 

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