Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day Eighteen

So today is day eighteen of my juice feast. I had a break out on my neck of acne yesterday, just another nice detox symptom. Another reminder that my body needs to keep healing and I need to stay the course. I've had some head cracking headaches in the evenings. I need to buy an enema bag. Yes, an enema bag. I've heard a lot of detox symptoms can be totally relieved by doing some enemas. The toxins just get stuck and need help being removed so they aren't taken up by the body again. I've never done them before but many juicers and raw foodist recommend them. I know, who wants to do them but, I will if I have to.
I've read a little about Ann Wigmore and she had her patients do them to help the bodies natural healing to cure disease. I am all for taking your health into your own hands and finding relief somewhere besides a little blue pill and a hundred side effects. Have you ever heard that Jeff Foxworthy bit about taking I think it was eye drops for dry eyes. It's hilarious he says they work great for dry eyes but the side effects are like headache, hair loss, runny nose, bad breath, hives and anal leakage. That sums up our pharmaceutical industry to a T.
I have started getting into essential oils and find they help me sleep and when needed help with stress. I use the Young Living oils once I read about their processing and products. I don't want something that potent to be contaminated with pesticides or be genetically messed with. I get them for my own use I don't sell them. After I get my health squared away I might look into doing something more with them. I've used other essential oils with out them helping at all.
I have to say, I have had a tomato or 1/2 cantaloupe here and there to help slow down some of the healing crisis I've been having. Usually once a day every couple of days or more. Nothing like a meal.
Today I started with watermelon juice, one quart for breakfast and one for lunch. I have noticed I don't drink near as much as when I first started. I'm still pushing myself to drink more water. I'm just not thirsty and I forget. I need to slow down on the fruits and that will slow down my detox symptoms. But they are so delicious and really help with the wanting anything else.
Weigh in; I've lost a total of twelve lbs. which is the reason for the giant smiley face at the top.

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