Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 21 Juice Feasting

Day 21
I have had a plateau for awhile but have lost another pound, so I'm down 13 lbs. ;)  I was hoping to have more of a loss so far into the feast but oh well.
 I made a strong green drink yesterday and am still working through it. I made 4 quarts and put them into the fringe. If you plan on saving juice for more than a day fill the glass jar to the very top and apply lid. This way there is very little air to oxidize the juice and it will keep a little longer. I used Swiss chard and Pac Choy for the greens and the juice turned out a little greener than I'm used to and a little salty. I mixed it into a V8 but it is still potent.
I know people will look at the Vita Mix container and think, what the? But I only use it to hold all of the juice to re-mix it then I divide it into jars. If anyone has noticed I went back to my Omega 8002 juicer. I don't have to cut up the greens so much and sometimes at all. I also felt like I could juice quicker with my old one so, back to the store the Omega VRT went. I used the money to buy more fruit and veggies.

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