Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Color Me Impressed

I am so impressed! Wonder why? I am a woman who has had horrendous PMS and menstrual cramping since I can remember. Just ask my husband! I know I'm a terrible person to live with during that time. Otherwise I'm in pretty good control of myself and what I say. I get mad like everyone else but, during that time I just lose it. My hormones are nuts. I also have very strong cravings for sweets, grains and high fat. I bloat, have headaches am fatigued etc. I have every PMS symptom there is.
So, today is day nine of my juice feast and I "started" and really didn't even know I was going to. Sometimes I'm a week early but man do I know I'm going to start and so does my DH. This time I've been a little tired but, we went for a five mile bike ride yesterday and with pre-school starting I just thought it was normal. I haven't had almost any of the normal PMS stuff. I contribute that to the juice feast.  I'll have to update tomorrow about the cramping but, I haven't had any of the strong cravings, bloating or extreme fatigue. The cramping usually keeps me up at night and is so terrible the first day and sometimes the second day.
Anyway, I made a juice this morning with collard greens. I have never had them before and they were on sale so I decided to try a bunch. I mixed them with my standard base for juice and added, grapes, lemon and parsley. It was really filling and I just needed a quart to start. Then later in the morning I had the second quart and liked it even more than the first. For lunch I had a basic V8 with more thyme and rosemary. I have to say I really like the stronger thyme but probably couldn't do it all the time. It reminded me of Thanksgiving and sage stuffing? I have another quart that I think I'll save for tomorrow morning and I'll juice the other half of my watermelon. I wanted something for a small snacks so I did eat a half a cantaloupe. I figured it's mostly water anyway and really hard to juice so, I just ate it.
I'm lovin the watermelon with the extra stevia. I went out to the garden and found I had about five more. I'm gonna let them get bigger for the next couple days, maybe pick one for now. ENJOY!!!

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