Friday, September 7, 2012

Be Prepared before juicing

Be prepared, it is one the the main problems people have when starting a juice feast. Be prepared for detox symptoms, being tired maybe cranky and definitely  have your food in order. It takes a lot of fresh produce to do a juice feast. Also I usually make a little more than I will drink for that "just in case" needed time. I will save some from the night before for the first thing in the morning. Sometimes I wake up so famished I can't get everything juiced as fast as I want it. Especially if my three year old gets up early, or if my husband needs breakfast and a lunch before he leaves for work. Another thing is you pee a lot, like 20 or more times a day.
Some greens will keep in the fridge if you rinse them then put them in plastic and in the crisper. I try to buy 3-4 days worth of stuff at a time and usually end up using it before I think I will. Also get a strainer that will fit your glass container. I like to strain most of my juices. I don't get a ton of pulp but I like to drink my juice not eat it. Most people find the pulp annoying.

Remember to try and buy mostly organic foods, there is a lot more to organic than just being pesticide free. A large part of produce being sold is GMO or genetically modified foods. These are genetically altered usually with a pesticide RNA strand. Some corn is engineered to kill a caterpillar when it eats it with a neurotoxin. So think about that! Many non-organic foods are also picked green, waxed,  sprayed with fungicides and gassed prior to shipment. The nutritional level is also higher with organic. Much of the soil conventional produce is grown in is completely depleted of mineral and nutrients. Organic is grown with compost and sometimes ground rock dust for minerals.

So today is day 5 of my juice feast. I had some left over watermelon juice for this a.m. breakfast and rushed out the door. When I got home for lunch I made a juice from:
half a bunch of kale
three carrots
2 small apples
1 zucchini
half a bunch of parsley
and one peeled lemon
Stevia to taste

I plan on doing the rest of the watermelon tomorrow because I have one sitting on my table from my garden. I think it is a yellow watermelon.

I'm feeling pretty good this afternoon, I woke up with the start of a headache and went to sleep last night with one. I'm drinking more water to help the cleanse and am also adding some to my juice. Enjoy!!!

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